Scratch: Intro to Game Programming Virtual Visit!


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During the summer of 2013, NYSCI received a generous donation from CISCO in the form of 2 mobile TelePresence carts and a Cisco TelePresence System Profile 65-inch Dual that is housed in a sound-proof studio. These new pieces of equipment have enabled us with tools necessary to take Virtual Visits to a higher level! Currently we have been developing new curriculum that not only meet state standards but also take full advantage of the features that these tools have to offer.

Our most recently developed Virtual Visit program is entitled Scratch: Intro to Game Programming. In this lesson, participants are taught the core elements of what a game is comprised of. They also learn the basic skills of Scratch, which is a free programming language that allows users the ability to create their own interactive stories, animations, and games! Scratch was developed by M.I.T and has been used as an educational tool in numerous capacities.

During the month of February 2014, the Scratch: Intro to Game Programming VV was prototyped with four 4th/5th grade classes at the St.Agnes Academy in Memphis, Tennessee. The students and educators found the program to be very engaging and are set to book several other Virtual Visits in the near future.

If your interested in booking this program or any other Virtual Visits, please contact We look forward to virtually connecting to your classroom!



First Virtual Visit of 2011-12 school year

Hey Everyone

Very excited to announce a few new things here for our Virtual Visits at NYSCI. Today we had our first Virtual Visit for the school year with a 5th grade class in Alberta Canada. It was a Chemistry Demonstration and the students were really excited to see the different experiments we had to offer.

Stay tuned for some really big changes in terms of videoconferencing for NYSCI. Its something you dont want to miss!!!!


End of School Year VV Dates Open!!

Hi Everyone,

As the end of the school year draws closer and closer, we would like to inform everyone that there are some dates available for our Virtual Visit programming in June. If you want to end the school year with a Virtual Visit to review science concepts or to treat your students to an interactive experience, feel free to contact

Upcoming video blogs

We are currently working on developing some quick video blogs highlighting key members of the Virtual Visit team and other projects that they might be working on here at NYSCI! If there are any topics that you would like for us to talk about, please feel free to leave a comment or you can send an email to

Hope to hear from you soon!!

NysciEDU Twitter

Hi Everyone!

So as you have been seeing with the recent changes to our blogging site, we have included the addition of our NysciEDU twitter. You can check out all the information on upcoming programs/events that is going on in the Education Dept. here at NYSCI. Feel free to join the conversation and follow us!

New Look!! Big Change!

Hi Everyone,

As you might have notice, we have made some changes to the appearance of our blog and we really look forward to constantly updating the site with:

  • Monthly Video Blogs (Keep checking back for more info on this!)
  • Updates on Virtual Visit programs including New topics
  • Contests to win free Virtual Visit programs for your classroom!

Feel free to add your comments and help make this site as beneficial for you as possible. Looking forward to all your feedback. Hope you all have a wonderful day!

1001 Inventions VV

SDC10624 Earlier this year, Virtual Visits launched its newest program celebrating NYSCI’s latest traveling exhibition 1001 Inventions! This exhibition broke visitor number records in London and Istanbul and has made its way to the Unites States for the very first time. We have been very excited in regards to the reception the  exhibition and Virtual Visit has been receiving and are looking forward to bringing this wonderful exhibition to YOUR classroom.

*1001 Inventions will only be available at NYSCI until April 2011, so come visit us soon.

* For VV booking information visit CILC or contact for more information.


“Farming For Fuel” Workshop/Virtual Visit

Through a partnership with The Dept. of Energy, BESC ( Bio-Energy Science Center), Creative Discovery Museum in Chattanooga Tennessee, and several museums in the United States, NYSCI is very proud to have presented its first “Farming for Fuel” workshop this past week. After a brief opener on Bio-fuels and the Carbon Cycle, students get to explore various stations and engage in inquiry-based activities that get students to learn about alternative sources of energy.

For more information on booking this workshop contact

Stay Tuned for more info on “Farming For Fuel” Virtual Visits!!!!!